Starting Apinizer on Windows Startup

Windows Task Creation

  • Log in to the user account you want to create this task to run.
  • Open the Start Menu, type taskschd.msc in the search box, and then press enter.
  • In the left pane of the task schedule, click the ‘Task Scheduler Library’ folder, then click the new folder in the rightmost pane and create a folder named ‘Apinizer’.

Figure: Task Scheduler

Figure: APINIZER Folder Creation

  • Select the folder we created in the Apinizer name and create a new task.

Figure: Basic Task

  • The task name and description are entered.

Figure: Informations of task

  • Related trigger is selected.

Figure: Task Trigger

  • Start a program option is selected.

Figure: Start a program option

  • The startApinizer.bat file in the Apinizer directory is selected as follows.

Figure: Choosing startApinizer.bat file

  • The area to display the properties screen is selected and clicked the finish.

Figure: Typing informations

  • The following fields are selected on the incoming screen.

Figure: Conditions

Figure: Conditions

  • By selecting the corresponding user from the incoming window, the username and password are entered.

Figure: Choosing User

  • The last case will look like the following.

Figure: Last case