Installing Apinizer on a Windows environment.

Step 1

You must have MySQL 5.7 or later installed on your system to install APINIZER. MySQL should be located on the server where APINIZER Manager is installed.

  • MySQL 5.7 and higher versions are downloaded from the MySQL official site.
Download address:
  • You must create APINIZER MySQL Schema.The name of the schema must be apinizer.

Figure: APINIZER Schema

Step 2

  • You must extract APINIZER zip folder to appropriate folder.

  • IP range configuration is required to start APINIZER installation.

  • Configuration settings are set in startApinizer.bat file.

  • set apinizerCacheMasterIp : This parameter will change according to your system.You can give an IP range or single IP.

Figure: APINIZER Folder Content

  • APINIZER can be started after these two steps are completed.