Applications can be added to the current gateways by selecting the current gateways, can be installed if the gateways are not installed, if installed, reinstallation process can be done, the gateway can be stopped.

The address that the application will be served from is entered into the Relative Path field. It’s appended to the root address from general settings. The application gateway address bypasses the API gateway address and grants direct access to methods of gateways it owns.

  • The requested endpoint can be reached both by over the gateway or over the application. For example:



  • The only limitation is that every endpoint or method in the application must be singular. The same endpoint or method shouldn’t be used more than once in the same application.

Over a gateway prototype on the applications screen, policies are added to selected gateways. Policies must be defined globally to be included.

When the policies added from the application screen are desired to be removed, they must be removed from the application screen. Policies added from the Application screen cannot be removed from the gateway screen.