The variable is defined to reach the value in a specific field in the header, body, or parameter of the message from the client. The default variables are managed through the Variables screen that appears when the Variables option in the Development menu is clicked. It is used for predefined Quota per client, Throttling per client, API-based quota, API-based throttling policies.

Figure: Variable Definition

  • Click the Variable Identification button to create a new variable.
  • In the Variable Definition window that opens, the values are entered into the fields given in the descriptions below.

  • Variable Name: Poliçe tanımı sırasında Değişkeni seçmek için kullanılır.

  • Description: Entering a brief description of the variable can make it easier to manage the Policies of Gateway.

  • Part of Message: Select the part of message that the variable will be searched in.

    • Body: When this option is active, the Xpath / JSONPath statement is entered. The variable is searched in the body of the message
    • Header: When this option is active, the name of the header to be taken is entered. The variable is taken from the headings of the message.
    • Parameter: When this option is active, the name of the parameter to be retrieved is entered. Variable is taken from the parameters of the message.

    • Click Save button to save the operation.

    • If you want to edit or delete the variable, click Edit button on the Variables page. If you want to edit the variable, enter the desired values in the window and click the Save button. If you want to delete the variable, click Delete button.