Defining a New SLA

  • Click the New SLA button in the SLA definitions page.
  • In the page that opens, all fields about the SLA definition should be filled. These fields are listed below:
    • Name: A name for the SLA.
    • Description: A short description can help with administration.
    • Type: SLA definitions can be made for gateways or gateway server as a whole. When the Gateway SLA option is chosen, the SLA will have rules that apply to that gateway. When Gateway Server SLA is chosen, it will watch the cpu, disk and memory use on that server.
    • General: This option appears when Gateway SLA type is chosen. When the option is chosen, the created SLA will be applied to all gateways.
    • Control Frequency: How often the rules in this SLA will be checked.
    • Apply These: The rules of the SLA can be applied to last N messages, or in the N milliseconds.

Rule, event and gateway operations can only be done after an SLA is defined.

Adding Rules to SLA Definition

  • By clicking the Add Rule button in the Rules section, you can pick a rule type.
  • If Gateway SLA was chosen as the type, the below rules can be added.

    • Cache Hit/Miss
    • Client Ip
    • Username
    • HTTP Method
    • Request Message Size
    • Response HTTP Code
    • State
    • Message Context
    • Response Time
  • If Gateway Server SLA was chosen as the type, the below rules can be added.

    • CPU Usage
    • Disk Usage
    • Memory Usage

Multiple rules can be defined in a SLA. You can connect these rules together with the AND operator.

Adding and Removing Actions to SLA

  • Click the Show Actions for SLA button in the Registered Actions table.
  • In the window that opens, click the Add this event to SLA button. If you want to add a new event, the instructions to do that are in the Actions section. Click here to go to that section.
  • In the Registered Actions table, you can see the actions added to the SLA. You can delete actions with the Remove this event from the list button.

Adding and Remove Actions to Gateway

  • In the Gateways that use this SLA table, click the Show Gateways that can Use SLA button.
  • In the Available gateways table, click the Add SLA for this gateway button for the appropriate gateway.
  • To delete a gateway from the Gateways that use this SLA, use the Remove this SLA button.

Editing or Deleting SLA Information

  • Click the SLA in the SLA list.
  • Once the changes are made, click the Save SLA button.
  • To instead delete the sla, click the Delete SLA button.