Protocol Transformation

Figure: Gateway overview

To overview Gateway service description clik on to the Gateway which reside in the middle of the map. By that dialog screen you can access to the Protocol Transformation property of each method in that service.

Figure: Method names in the Gateway service

Applying Protocol Transformation

From that dialog screen;

  • HTTP method to access the Rest resource
  • Resource path of the endpoint for Gateway’s REST API
  • Message headers

can be changed.

Figure: Protocol Transformation

Also you can display a sample message by clicking to the button at the bottom.

Figure: Protocol Transformation

If you want it is possible to build your own REST message on APINIZER. For this click to the Build Message button.

Figure: Protocol Transformation

You can transform your REST messages from this page.

You can specify the part of the JSON message to be in array notation even if the object has only one element. Specify the path starting from the base element and use # by each sub group names. For instance a path which is specified as Response#Information#Address conveys that Address element is an array.

To apply all the changes please re-deploy the Gateway after the operation.