Schema Validation

For querying data in the XML schema for a SOAP gateway with a schema validation policy, XPath can verify the conformity of the messages to the structure expected by the web service by validating with JSONPath to query the data in the JSON schema for a REST gateway.

Figure: Schema Validation

  • The fields in the Schema Verification window are entered to add a Schema Validation policy. A description of these areas is given below.
Fields Description
Name If a global policy is added, the name of the policy is entered.
Description If a global policy is added, a description can be entered to facilitate policy selections.
Appropriate Gateway Type The type of gateway with SOAP or REST is selected.
Xpath / JSONPath If SOAP is selected as gate type, XPath will be entered with validation query by JSONPath if REST is selected.
Schema Add Schema/Schemas for Schema Verification by clicking Add New Schema.
Show API Details API information comes when this button is clicked.
Error Message Customization Enter the Error Code and Error Message that you want to customize for this policy.
  • Click Save button to save the operation.