SAML Validation

With the SAML Verification policy, the organization can perform security verification between client and gateway with jks files containing certificates or certificates with specific authorization information. The SAML Validation policy is only added to the SOAP gateway.

Figure: SAML Validation

  • The fields in the SAML Validation window are entered to add a SAML Validation policy. A description of these areas is given below.
Fields Description
Name If a global policy is added, the name of the policy is entered.
Description If a global policy is added, a description can be entered to facilitate policy selections.
JKS File Store Click the Select File button and select the JKS files / files containing the corporate certificates. Selected files are added to this window. If you want to delete the existing file store, click the button with the cross mark.
JKS File Store Password The password of the JKS file store is entered.
Allow Unknown Signer When this option is selected, certificates from unknown sources are allowed.
Clear SAML Check to clear SAML Element from message body.
  • Click Save button to save the operation.