Quota Per Client

To prevent the server from running under an overload with the Quota Per Client policy, the number of messages that the client can send may be limited by defining the header, body, or parameter of the web service as a variable. The quota for the client can be defined as long-term. Once the time defined for the quota is completed, the number of messages to send the client will be updated.

Figure: Quota per client policy

  • The fields in the Quota Per Client policy window are entered to add the Quota Per Client policy. A description of these areas is given below.

    • Name:If the global policy is added, the name of the policy is entered.
    • Description:If global policy is added, a description can be entered to make policy selections easier.
    • Variable:
      • An existing variable can be selected from the Select variable window that appears when the Click to add variable link is opened or a new variable can be created.
      • Click the Select this variable button to add an existing variable.
      • Click to add a new variable.
    • Quota::The number of messages is entered in the first input field and the duration of the quota is selected in the second input field. In the following example, a client is allowed to send 150,000 messages per month.
    • Error Message Customization: Enter the Error Code and Error Message that you want to customize for this policy.
  • Click Save button to save the operation