The part of the message that is to be encrypted with the Encryption policy, the part of the message to be added after the encryption, the algorithm and encryption key is selected by selecting the encryption process.

Figure: Encryption

Table: Encryption
Fields Descriptions
Short Description A short description of this signing definition may be helpful.
Part of Message to Sign Select or define a variable to specify which part of the message will be encrypted.
Encrypted Content’s Location Select or define a variable to specify where the encrypted content will be located.
Algorithm Signature algorithm.
Key or Certificate You can select specify key or certificate that contains key.
Encryption Key Key to be used for encryption.
Encoding for Signed Content Encoding algorithm for encryption content.

If the Encryption process is done by private key, the password opening process is done by public key.In the same way if the encryption process is done by public key, the password must be decrypted with the private key.Encryption is not recommended with public key because private key belongs to a client.If the asymmetric key is used, the encryption and decryption key must be the same key.