Allowed Hours

The client is allowed to access the gate for specific periods of time with the Allowed Hours policy

Figure: Allowed Hours Policy

  • The fields in the Allowed Hours window are entered to add the Allowed Hours policy. A description of these areas is given below.

    • Name: If the global policy is added, the name of the policy is entered.
    • Description:If global policy is added, a description can be entered to make policy selections easier.
    • Time range:
      • The Start, enter the hour, minute, and second values of the time that the API will start to access..
      • Enter the End  field hour, minute, and second values of the duration of the access to the API.
      • A description of the time range can be entered in the input field.
      • After entering the time interval, click the button with the plus icon. More than one hour interval can be entered into a policy
      • If you want to delete the entered time range, click on the button with the related information in the time range.
    • Error Code: The error code that is defined to this policy is entered.
    • Error Message: The error message of this policy is entered.
  • Click Save button to save the operation.