Certificates are managed by clicking Certificates in the Gateway Management menu. These predefined certificates are used during policy creation.

Figure: Sample Certificate

  • Source of Certificate : Selecting the source of the certificate is mandatory. Fields are changed according to selected source.
    • When Retrieve via HTTPS/LDAPS Connection is selected, HTTPs or LDAP URL link addresses are entered in the URL field.
    • When the Import from file option is selected, the file containing the certificate is selected when the Select file button is clicked. Allowed formats: pem, crt, cer, cert.
    • When the Paste to Clipboard option is selected, the encoding type of the certificate is selected in the Encoding field.
  • Certificate: Certificate information from the address is included.

Certificate Revocation List

Certificates that have been revoked from the Certificates screen that is opened when the CRL option in the Gateway Management menu is clicked.