Policy Groups

Policies that have the same and common characteristics for the gateways can be defined as a policy group. The policy group can be assigned to the gateway when the gateway is created. The Policy Groups screen that opens when you click Policy Groups in the Development menu includes predefined Policy Groups.

Figure: Policy Group

  • Click the New Policy Group button to create a new policy group.

  • The values are entered in the fields that are explained in the New Policy Group screen that opens.

    • Name: Enter the policy group name.
    • Description: A description can be added for ease of administration.
    • Adding Policy: Policies can be added via buttons that open the windows where policies are managed in the regions where message traffic is managed.To create a new policy, click to go to the Policy Creation section.
  • Click Save button to save the operation.

  • If you want to Edit or Delete the Policy Group, click the relevant policy group box on the Policy Groups page.

When the policy group is added to a gateway and then the policy group is edited, the changes are not applied to the gateway.