User Management

Adding and managing the user information entered to Apinizer to log in through the Manager panel is done via the User Management page.

Action 1: Add a New User

  • Click the button with the plus icon on the User Management page.
  • The details of the fields on the ‘Identity’ tab are entered to add user information.
    • When Active is selected, the user can log in with the username and password.
  • Click the Password Management tab to add the password information.
    • If the user wants to create his own password, the password is entered in the New Password and New Password Again fields.
    • If you want to create a password by the system, a password will be sent to the email address entered by the user when you click the Create New Password button for the user.
  • Click Save button to save the user.

Action 2: Editing and Deleting User Information

  • Click the Edit button on the User Management page to edit the user information.
    • Click the Save button after the desired operation is done in the window that opens.
  • To delete user information, click the Edit button on the User Management page.
    • Click the Delete button in the window that opens. After confirming the process, the user information will be deleted.