API Builder

The API Builder is the section which to create the API on the APINIZER and design the generated API.

Figure : Defining Fake API

Table: API Builder

Fields Descriptions
Name Name of API.
Description Description of API.
Fake API If API is fake you can click to this checkbox
Servis URL The base URL of web service to create API.If API is fake ,this part is invisible

Endpoint Definition

  • The process of creating a new endpoint is started by clicking the Create Endpoint button.

    Figure : Endpoint Definition

  • Endpoints can contain parameters, by clicking the + button the parameter can be added.

    Figure : Parameter Definition

Table: Parameter Definition

Fields Descriptions
Name Name of parameter.
Description Description of parameter.
Type Type of parameter such as header,path,body
Data Type Data type of parameter
  • Endpoints may have a response template, a click can be added by clicking the + button.

    Figure : Response Definition

Table: Response Definition

Fields Descriptions
Model It is the content of the model that the endpoint created will return against the user’s request.

Figure : Sample Fake API Definition

After completing the API design, click the Create Gateway button to create a gateway to the API.