Uptime Settings

  • Uptime Settings is placed in the proxy configuration page right under the proxy definition name. Uptime Settings is used to check whether your service is up or not.

Api Proxy Page

Uptime Definition

  • Define the necessary information of the request from this part of the page.

Uptime settings

  • Name: Give a name to the Uptime setting.
  • Description: Specifying a description would help through the inspection of the Uptime log records.
  • Http Request Merhod: Choose a method of the request.
  • URL: Enter the URL of the request.
  • Header List: In case you need a header on your request, specify them from this section.
  • Request Body: In case you need a body on your request, specify them from this section.

Result Information

  • You can enter the information required to take an action according to the result obtained in this section.

    • Expected Timeout(ms): Determine the timeout period of the result to be returned in milliseconds.
    • Enable Expected Result Body: You can define a body in case that you expect a body from response.
    • Enable Expected Status Code: Use this field to configure according to the http status returned by the request.
    • Enable Expected Result with XPath: Via XPath you can control a specific value from the response.
    • Enable Expected Result with JSONPath: Via JSONPath you can control a specific value from the response.

Execution Information

  • In this field you can define, how often the Uptime is going to execute.

    • Test Schedule Period: Determine controle frequency of the define Uptime setting.
    • Test Results Retention Period: Determine how long the log records is going to be stored of the Uptime setting.
    • Status: Enable or Disable Uptime settings.

Registered Actions

  • Choose actions to be taken according to occurrence of an error.

These actions can be applied in various ways such as system notifications, sending an e-mail or invoiking a REST / SOAP service.

Uptime Log Records

  • Inspect the log records of the valid Uptime detections.

Uptime Log Records

  • Navigate to Analytics > Uptime Test Results in order to display all Uptime logs from each Api Proxy which has enabled Uptime.

Uptime Log Records