Custom Queries

  • Queries is the section where personalized queries for log records can be created and executed.

Defining Queries

  • If a query hasn’t been created before, you can add one with the - button.

    Query Creation Screen

    • Name: Name of the query.
    • Description: Information about the query.
    • Gateway List: List of gateways to use in the query. Multiple gateways can be selected.
    • API List: List of APIs to use in the query. Multiple APIs can be selected.
    • Gateway Server List: List of gateway servers to use in query. Multiple gateway servers can be selected.
    • Result: Type info of the result that will be used to filter log results.
    • Limits: The field that allows to add filters on log records to create the actual queries.
    • Order: The field that allows to add sorting terms to the query result.

After log history info is selected, the query can be run by pressing the Run Query button. After the query is run, the options under show colons will be activated. Information from the query can be detailed by choosing from these options. You can save the query with the Save button.