Users defined to create authorization and user groups are managed through this page.When the installation is done, the default administrator user with all privileges is defined. The administrator can create user and assign to user group.

Figure: User List

Role Definitions

  • No role(Consumer): A user who is not assigned any role can only see the documentation of the gateways.
  • Administrator user can does, server management, user management, etc. operations.
  • API Developer can perform API, Gateway and all related operations within their authorities.
  • Analyzer user can use the analytic screens.

New User Generation

Figure: User Definition

  • To create a new user, click on the + button and fill in the following input fields on the screen.
Field Description
Authentication Method It is the source where user information will be obtained.
Username Unique name for the user.
E-Mail Apinizer may send e-mail to the users because of this enter valid e-mail address.
First Name First name of the user.
Last Name Last name of the user.
Active Uncheck the box if you want to stop the user login. This does not end the active session of the user(if there is one).
Administrator The user with admin authority can authorize another user to admin. Option to enable admin authority is activated.
Roles A role to add to the user.
User Groups When you clicked Save button, this part will be activated. Groups that are intended to be added to the user.
  • To create a password, click the Create New Password for User link. The generated password is sent to the defined email address.
  • To change the password, click the Change Password link.

Figure: Change Password

  • Click Save button to save the operation.

By clicking on the Advanced Search, you can search for the desired search entries. Clicking this button again , closes the opened section.

Resim: Kullanıcı Listesi Ekranı

Or you can search by clicking Search button after entering the desired words according to first name, last name, username and e-mail information from the search bar.

Figure: User List Search