General Settings

Figure: General Settings

The fields and fields in the General Settings page are listed below. Enter the value of the fields and click Apply Changes button to save the transaction.

Gateway Settings
APINIZER Root Context This context path is Gateway URL which is concatenated to load balancer’s address.
Enable Version Version of Gateways will be formed using this prefix. Activating the versioning feature is done during Apinizer installation.
External Access URL If you configure APINIZER behind a load balancer in your topology, write the external IP/Host Name of the load balancer. It is the same as the APINIZER’s load balancer otherwise. If a gateway server will be used instead of a load balancer server, the IP or hostname of the gateway server should be used instead.

Forwarded IP Header
Parameter Name If the client is behind a Load Balancer or a Proxy, this parameter is used in order to access the real IP of the client.

APINIZER Notification Configurations
Send e-mail On Error Check if you want APINIZER inform somebody about problems during execution. i.e. your System Administrator.
E-mail addresses for errors Write email addresses of users you want APINIZER inform about problems.
Growl is valid for Lifetime of user notification messages.

ElasticSearch Configurations
ElasticSearch Cluster Name Elastic Search Cluster Name.
ElasticSearch Time Zone Date/time information is stored in Elasticsearch in UTC. By default, all bucketing and rounding is also done in UTC. The time_zone parameter can be used to indicate that bucketing should use a different time zone. Time zones may either be specified as an ISO 8601 UTC offset (e.g. +01:00 or -08:00) or as a timezone id, an identifier used in the TZ database like America/Los_Angeles.
ElasticSearch Min Master Nodes To prevent data loss, it is vital to configure the discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes setting so that each master-eligible node knows the minimum number of master-eligible nodes that must be visible in order to form a cluster.
Instance Metrics Harvest Time Interval Shows time interval for scheduler job which harvest instance metrics. Min value can be 10 and max value can be 60 seconds.
Log Client Tune Configuration Tune values are used for tuning log instance clients. For example you can set client’s thread_pool.index.queue_size from here.

Data Paths
Apinizer Database Dump Path Mysql dump path.
Reports folder Report path.

JWT Token Key/Pair File
Create and Publish Button Generates the private and public key to sign the token generated in the request used to receive the jwt token.
Publish Existing Button Only publishes the existing JWT token.

Id Licence ID indicates that who has taken the license.
Key Licence Key indicates that how many Gateway server can be created.

The Help section on the page contains detailed descriptions of the general settings.

Some fields are blocked because the interface is unchangeable, some fields are full because they are default values.