Email Settings

Figure: Email Settings

  • When Enable Email is selected, the corresponding fields for the SMTP server setup are enabled. Descriptions of the fields to be entered for installation are listed in Table: E-mail Settings.

Table: E-mail Settings.

Fields Description
Host The hostname of your SMTP server.
Port The port number of your SMTP server. By convention TCP port 25 is reserved for SMTP although your email adminstrator may change it.
Enable SMTPS StartTLS Enables SMTPS StartTLS.
Auth Authentication.
Username The username to connect to the SMTP server.
Password The password to connect to the SMTP server.
Default Encoding Set this value to UTF-8 or similar for encoding of email messages.
Detailed Mail Paramaters Set extra properties for mail configuration.
Address to send test e-mail Entering the e-mail address to test the server and clicking Send Test E-mail sends a test e-mail from the SMTP server to the e-mail address entered in this field.
  • Click the Apply Changes button to save the operation.

The Help section on the page contains detailed descriptions of the general settings.