Backup Definitions

Backup Definitions is the section of the Apinizer platform where backup operations are performed.

Figure: Backup Definition

  • The descriptions of the fields on the backup screen are listed below.
    • Name : Name information to be given to the backup definition.
    • Description : They are explanatory statements that provide information about the backup.
    • Backup Type : Specifies the type of backup to be made. The Configuration Database option is used to back up the configuration information for the Apinizer. The Manager Folder option is used to make a backup of the Apinizer Home directory. The Log Database option is used to backup log records.
      • Path of Backup : The Log Database option is used to backup log records.
      • Backup will be : Specifies what to do with the generated backups.
      • Execution Type : Specifies how to do the backup. Periodically or at any time, one of the options can be selected.

Click the Run Backup button to start the backup process. In addition, the backup operation can be started by selecting the backup definition from the Backup Definition List after saving the backup process.

Figure: Backup List