Audit Logs

Audit Logs screen can be found under Administration menu and used for APINIZER users to inspect the changes have been made in the system.

Figure: Audit Logs

  • From the filter section of the page, user can easily handle the specific datas to show in the table.
  • Keywords filter will allow user to search for the keywords that has been entered during configuration specification in Full Text Search. Also a brief explanation will pop up when hovering the mouse on the tooltip of keywords filter.
  • Defined filter specification will be displayed when Search button is used. The Clear Seach button clears the filter details.

Figure: Audit Log Filters

  • Change Detail page can be seen when clicking the button which has an eye icon in it.
  • The page is going to provide user two code mirrors which are respectively shows the systems old version and new version.
  • The total differences are given below the Change Detail label. Also user can skip through the other differences by using the arrow buttons in the right part of the page.

Figure: Audit Log Change Details