Uptime Monitor
  • Monitor any internal or external APIs.
  • Validate more than just API is “up” or “down”.
  • Trigger multiple independent actions if any API is down or not correctly functioning.
  • Keep history of accessability.
  • No coding is required.
Heartbeat Monitor
  • Partners are not required to host APIs for monitoring.
  • Listen your partners’ heartbeats through specific endpoints.
  • Trigger multiple independent actions if no heartbeat is detected.
  • Keep history of heartbeats.
  • No coding is required.
Anomaly Detector
  • Specify custom criteria on message contents or metrics.
  • Configure thresholds for specific values.
  • Trigger multiple independent actions if thresholds are exceeded.
  • Keep history of anomalies.
  • No coding is required.


Actions via Connectors

If a monitor fails, some action(s) should be taken to inform someone about the problem. An action may be sending an e-mail or SMS to the Product Manager, creating a ticket on JiraOps for the API Developer, or inserting a line to the database table about the problem.

Apinizer’s action mechanism is supported by an extensible connector architecture to integrate a wide range of 3rd party software.

Start Monitoring APIs Today

Monitoring is basically very simple: check something continuously, and take an action if everything is not OK.

Apinizer API Monitoring products are designed with this simplicity in mind while giving the users flexibility to configure what to check, how to check it, and which actions to be taken if check fails.