Dashboard presents a useful view of flowing data. Requests, proxies and clients are summarized for selected environment according to various criteria such as access frequency, success, failure, or response times.

Traffic Analyzer

Apinizer provides pre-built reports and charts to give the user a quick view of the traffic. A few of them:

  • Request/Response Traffic
  • Proxy Dashboard
  • Proxy-Based Summary
  • Client-Based Summary
  • Method/Endpoint Summary
Query Editor

Apinizer allows creating custom queries using various criteria about structure and/or content of messages, performance metrics or client information. Multiple re-usable filters can also be created to apply same queries to different proxies for different date ranges or result types.

  • Reusable queries and filters.
  • Full-text search ability.
  • Queries can be used by analytics products and the Anomaly Detector.
  • No knowledge about logging system is required.
  • No coding is required.
Report Generator

Report Generator periodically executes the queries created by Query Editor for specified environment, and takes customized actions using the data such as sending via an email, or inserting to specified database.

  • Customizable periods, queries, filters, and inquired data.
  • Multiple actions to take with result.
  • No coding is required.
Chart Creator

Queries created by Query Editor can be visualized by Chart Creator. It allows users specify the type of the charts, select metrics, determine intervals and apply these on queries to create charts.

  • Customizable intervals, queries, filters, metrics, grouping options.
  • Line or column chart types.
  • No coding is required.
Dashboard Designer

Apinizer allows users to design custom dashboards using charts created by Chart Creator.

  • No limit on dashboard count.
  • No coding is required.
Get Insight to Your APIs Today

Enhancing the quality and performance of the APIs requires powerful and detailed analytics capabilities.

Apinizer provides this capability to the users via user friendly GUIs and without coding.