APINIZER is high-performance, low-latency and scalable API Management Platform!

It is designed to be easy and configurable with the shortest way available and provides virtual APIs for the business APIs.

About Apinizer

Developing an API is the process of providing the business logic required by the API; It includes running the API, ensuring security, managing, monitoring and much more. Providing the API is similar to the invisible part of the iceberg while developing the API is the visible part of the iceberg. APINIZER provides a very easy way to manage, administrate and secure your APIs. Thanks to its flexible and expandable infrastructure, it provides high performance under heavy load.

API Management

The “APINIZER – API Management” module allows you to get your APIs up to date, determine usage policies, control access, and collect and analyze usage statistics. You can also make your API documentation and tests easily on APINIZER.

  • Create a central point of documentation of APIs for developers, and managers
  • Import API Definitions using WSDL, WADL, Swagger Files/URIs or manually define REST APIs
  • Group your APIs within Applications and define users, keys and scopes of them
  • Define security, protection, traffic management and data manipulation policies
  • Test your services quickly by API Test Console

Gateway Manager

The “APINIZER – Gateway” module is the policy enforcement point of the rules and usage policies you define for your APIs. The request to your APIs first covered by the Gateway and it ensures that the request is passed to the API after applying the defined rules.

  • Create gateways/proxies in front of your APIs to apply policies and SLAs
  • Create, deploy, undeploy versions of your Gateways independently
  • Virtualize and decouple APIs from their clients
  • Standardize and centralize APIs’ policies, and make them business centric as it’s supposed to be

Instance Management

APINIZER has a flexible topology. With the “APINIZER – Instance Management” module, you can easily cluster and add new servers without using any configuration files. With the APINIZER’s self-expanding structure, you can ensure a stable operation even when the load on the system increases.

  • Independent from operating systems
  • Create and configure log and gateway instances dynamically at run-time.
  • Start/stop and check health of your instances quickly and easily.
  • Let and enjoy APINIZER handle all details behind the scene to manage your servers.

SLAs & Actions

You can define SLA with APINIZER to increase the service quality of your APIs. APINIZER allows you to define a wide variety of SLAs because it has a rich log infrastructure and customized queries can be defined.

  • Define various rules for Gateways or Instances, and configure Actions to be performed.
  • Create your custom reports with Query Designer and schedule them to run at specific periods.


Perhaps the most characteristic feature of APINIZER is the full-text-searchable log infrastructure. You can determine which parts of incoming and outgoing messages are logged without closing the application. You can manage log servers only with Instance Management without using the configuration file.

  • Select which parts of message traffic and content will be logged
  • Overcome huge amounts of data by increasing number of log instances dynamically

Analytics & Monitoring

With APINIZER, you will be able to examine your API traffic in detail. So you know your most active users, applications, and methods that use your APIs. Decide which policies need to be used, find problems quickly with your APIs, and optimize your API infrastructure.

  • Monitor statistical information about performance, latency, error Rate, API usage …etc
  • Enjoy Full-Text Search capability and enormous number of filter options on log records
Gain control over your APIs

Make them Secure and Strong